Business Calculus

Spring 2018

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Course Notes

These notes are not a substitute for attending class, and may not contain all of the material covered during class meetings. If you find any errors, please contact me.

Date Topic
Wednesday, Jan 17 Functions
Friday, Jan 19 Linear Functions
Monday, Jan 22 Rates of Change
Wednesday, Jan 24 Economic Applications
Friday, Jan 26 Exponential Functions
Monday, Jan 29 The Natural Logarithm
Wednesday, Jan 31 More Equation Solving
Friday, Feb 2 Exponential Growth & Decay
Monday, Feb 5 Financial Applications
Wednesday, Feb 7 Instantaneous Rates of Change
Friday, Feb 9 An Introduction to Derivatives
Monday, Feb 12 Derivatives (Power Rule)
Wednesday, Feb 14 No Notes - Review for Exam 1
Friday, Feb 16 No Notes - Exam 1
Monday, Feb 19 Derivatives (Power Rule Practice)
Wednesday, Feb 21 Applications of the Power Rule
Friday, Feb 23 Derivatives of Products & Quotients
Monday, Feb 26 The Chain Rule
Wednesday, Feb 28 Derivatives involving Logarithms
Friday, Mar 2 Local Maxima and Minima
Monday, Mar 5 Local Maxima and Minima & Concavity
Wednesday, Mar 7 Applications of Minima, Maxima, and Concavity
Friday, Mar 9 Applications of Minima, Maxima, and Concavity
Mar 12 - 16 Spring break - No class!
Monday, Mar 19 A Challenging Homework Problem
Wednesday, Mar 21 No Notes - Derivatives Review
Friday, Mar 23 No Notes - Review for Exam 2
Monday, Mar 26 No Notes - Exam 2
Wednesday, Mar 28 An Introduction to Antiderivatives
Friday, Mar 30 The Definite Integral
Monday, Apr 2 Definite and Indefinite Integrals
Wednesday, Apr 4 Properties of Antiderivatives
Monday, Apr 9 Integration via Substitution
Wednesday, Apr 11 More Substitution
Friday, Apr 13 Total Area & Area Between Curves

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Date Topic
January 24 Section 1.4 -Economic Applications
January 26 Section 1.5 - Exponential Functions
February 2 Section 1.7 - Exponential Growth and Decay
February 5 Financial Applications of Exponential Functions
February 7 Instantaneous Rates of Change
February 23 Product & Quotient Rule Practice
February 26 Chain Rule Practice
February 28 Logarithm Derivatives Practice
February 28 Derivative Rules
March 7 Applications of Minima, Maxima, and Concavity

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Practice Exams

Date Topic(s) PDF
February 9
Linear/Exponential Functions, (and applications of these) Average Rates of Change (pdf)
March 19
Derivatives & Applications (pdf)

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