Calculus II   -  Math 142.007/.008    -    Spring 2019

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Grades are posted on Self Serve Carolina (from my end but before you can see them on your end you might have to wait until the registrar's office "rolls grades", which they do daily at 8am, noon, 5pm and midnight). You may look at the solutions to the final to figure out your grade on the final exam. Please work on the problems you missed to get out your misunderstandings before you proceed to higher level math class (since we want you to succeed in them).

If you feel the urge to email me about your grade,

  • first you should compute your final exam score by comparing the posted solutions with what you had
  • and then compute your score as detailed on the syllabus.
If you still have an urge to email me, then you must include your grade calculations.

Thank you for a wonderful semester. Have a fun semester break and I hope to see you around
Lovely LeConte.

Class Game Plan (for the next few days):