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Syllabus [pdf]

Solutions to Miscellaneous Problems [click me]

Clickable Quicktime Overview of the Course [mov] (1.3 megabytes)

Notes 1: Proofs by Contradiction [ps] [pdf]

Notes 2: Proofs by Induction [ps] [pdf]

Solution to Homework Problem 3 in Notes 2

Solutions to Homework Problems 5 and 6 in Notes 2

Solution to Quiz 2 from 2011

Solution to an Old Induction Quiz [ps] [pdf]

What's Wrong With This Proof? [ps] [pdf]

The 2004 Practice Problems for Test 1 [pdf]

Clickable Quicktime Review for Test 1 [mov] (4.4 megabytes)

Notes 3: Practice Problems for Test 1 [ps] [pdf]

Solutions to Practice Problems for Test 1 [ps] [pdf]

Test 1, Spring 1999 [ps] [pdf]

Test 1, Fall 1999 [ps] [pdf]

Test 1, Spring 2004 [pdf]

Solutions to Test 1, Spring 2004 [pdf]

Additional Review Problems for Test 1

Notes 4: The Pigeonhole Principle [ps] [pdf]

A Solution to Problem 4 on Notes 4 [pdf]

Clickable Pigeonhole Chess Problem [mov] (3.9 megabytes)

Notes 5: Counting Basics [ps] [pdf]

Counting Basics Lecture with Dice [mov] (2.9 megabytes)

Notes 6: Permutations and Combinations [ps] [pdf]

Notes 7: Practice Problems for Test 2 [ps] [pdf]

Test 2, Spring 1999 [ps] [pdf]

Answers to Test 2, Spring 1999 [pdf]

Test 2, Fall 1999 [ps] [pdf]

Answers to Test 2, Fall 1999 [pdf]

Extra Test 2 Problems (from review lecture) [large mov] (11.5 megabytes) [small mov] (1.2 megabytes)

Notes 8: Recurrence Relations [ps] [pdf]

Recurrences Presentation [mov]

Notes 9: Graphs and Trees [ps] [pdf]

Additional Problems on Graphs [pdf]

Graph Theory Lecture (on 11/11/11)

Notes 10: Miscellaneous Considerations [ps] [pdf]

A Game Theory Problem [ps] [pdf]

Notes 11: Practice Problems for Test 3 [ps] [pdf]

Test 3 Review from Class

Some Answers for Fall, 1999, Test 3

Test 3, Spring 1999 [ps] [pdf]

Test 3, Fall 1999 [ps] [pdf]

Notes 12: Final Review [ps] [pdf]

Final, Spring 1999 [ps] (large file), [pdf] (not-so-large)

Final, Fall 1999 [ps] (large file), [pdf] (not-so-large)

Some Answers and Solutions to Old Finals