Vector Analysis
Math 550, Fall 1997

Professor Doug Meade
Department of Mathematics
University of South Carolina

Table of Contents

Note: IDVI will probably provide the best results for most users; both PostScript and DVI require special external viewers.

[NEW] Final Exam -- Formula Sheet (IDVI) (PostScript) (DVI) [NEW]

  • Syllabus (IDVI) (PostScript) (DVI)
  • Homework Assignments
  • Student Questionnaire -- Homework #1 (IDVI) (PostScript) (DVI)
  • Chapters 1 & 2 -- Review of Math 241 (IDVI) (PostScript) (DVI)
  • Chapter 4 -- Vector-Valued Functions (IDVI) (PostScript) (DVI)
  • Chapter 5 -- Double and Triple Integrals (IDVI) (PostScript) (DVI)
  • Chapter 6 -- The Change of Variables Formula and Applications of Integration (IDVI) (PostScript) (DVI)
  • Chapters 7 & 8 -- Integrals over Paths and Surfaces & The Integral Theorems of Vector Calculus (IDVI) (PostScript) (DVI)
  • Maple Worksheets
  • Introduction to Maple V, Release 4
  • Section 2.1 -- Surfaces and Level Curves
  • Section 2.2 -- Limits and Continuity
  • Section 2.4 -- Paths (and Surfaces) -- including an animation of a point on a bicycle wheel
  • Section 4.2 (Exercises 14 - 17) -- T, N, B, curvature, and torsion (computation and animation)
    requires the FrenetSerret package, written by D.A. Aruliah (Institute of Applied Mathematics, Unversity of British Columbia, Canada).
  • Section 4.3 -- Vector Fields and Flow Lines
  • Section 4.4 -- Divergence
  • Chapter 4, Review Problems, Problem 11
  • Chapter 5 -- General Maple tools for multiple integrals
  • mvcal2 -- by Tim Murdoch
  • calcplot -- by Tim Murdoch
    note that mvcal2 is basically an updated version of calcplot
  • Chapter 6 -- Change of Variables and Center of Mass
  • Section 7.6 -- Normal Vectors to a Surface
  • Miscellaneous Information and Materials
  • Math 550 (Apogee) (taught by Prof. Maria Girardi in Spring 1997)
  • Informal Summary of Vector Analysis (prepared by Prof. Maria Girardi)
  • Chapter 1: Geometry (pp. 1-3)
  • Chapter 2 and 4.1-2: Differentiation (pp. 4-7)
  • Chapter 3 and 4.3-4: Vector-Valued Functions (pp. 8-10)
  • Chapter 5: Double and Triple Integrals (pp. 11-12)
  • Chapter 6: Change of Variables
  • Chapter 7: Integrals over Paths and Surfaces
  • Chapter 8: Integral Theorems of Vector Analysis
  • Viewing PostScript files on the WWW
  • Animated vector field for a PBX (Plastic Bonded eXplosive) low-strain impact (rigid, flat, steel punch); from the M.S. thesis of Paul Peterson (Math 550 student in Fall 1997).
  • Maple at USC and beyond
  • Maple Quick Reference (PDF) (PostScript)
  • Collection of Maple Worksheets for Calculus and Differential Equations
  • calcplot package
  • Maple Worksheets for Differential Equations
  • Maple Worksheets and the WWW
  • Maple Information from NC State
  • vec_calc -- a vector calculus package for Maple prepared by Arthur Belmonte and Philip B. Yasskin at the Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University.
  • A free demo version of Maple can be downloaded from Waterloo Maple, Inc.

    While this demo is free, there are a number of features that are not functional in this version. For example, it's not possible to print or save any work and no user-defined procedures are permitted. But, you should be able to use this to view many of the worksheets that I (or others) have posted on the WWW.

    Maple should be available in (almost) all computer labs on campus. If not, have the systems adminstrator contact Barbara Koski or Kathy Farmer at 777-4657 or 777-1303. A student version of Maple (Release 4) is available at the USC Bookstore (Russell House) for around $90.

  • If you have any questions, please send e-mail to
    Last modified: 21 August 1997