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Grades are posted on Self Serve Carolina (from my end but before you can see them on your end you might have to wait until the registrar's office "rolls grades", which they do daily at 8am, noon, 5pm and midnight). You may look at the solutions to the final to figure out your grade on the final exam. Please work on the problems you missed to get out your misunderstandings before you proceed to higher level math class (since we want you to succeed in them).

If you feel the urge to email me about your grade,

  • first you should compute your final exam score by comparing the posted solutions with what you had
  • and then compute your score as detailed on the syllabus.
If you still have an urge to email me, then you must include your grade calculations.

Thank you for a wonderful semester. Have a fun semester break and I hope to see you around
Lovely LeConte.

SI's Math 142 Finals Frenzy schedule is posted under the Course Game Plan.
I highly recommend these Finals Frenzy session.

The MML portion of the final exam is posted under Ch 11 and is named 19s 11.4-11.5 Final Exam. It is posted as an exam, not a homework. The problems are similar to your MML homework. Once you pull up the exam and hit the start button, you have 40 minutes to complete the 4 questions on the exam. When you finish the 4 questions, hit the Submit Test (blue box) in the upper right hand side (next to the "Time Remaining" counter). While taking the exam, do not naviagate off the exam page or open another tab-or-broswer (or you will automatically be assigned no points for the whole test).
If you take the MML portion of the exam before coming to the rest of the final on Tue 5/7 at 4pm, you may use your paper notes. If you choice not to take the MML portion before Tue 5/7 at 4pm, then see the Study Suggestions for Final Exam for what you must do.

Way to go, the class average on Exam 3 was about 80%! Keep it up. Solutions to Exam 3 are posted.
Exam stats: sorted by exam 3 score and sorted by average of Exams 1-3.
Study Suggestions for Final Exam
For the sole purpose of helping you study,
all your (real) MML homeworks have been copied to the new Practice Only MML course (course ID
and called Practice Only thru 11.2 for 19s Math142). This Practice Only MML course is set up so that you have infinitely many tries to each problem and you can earse your (correct) answer and try a similar problem. Work done on this Practice Only MML course will NOT effect your grade (in fact, Prof. Girardi isn't even going to look at it!). It's just there for more practice for you.
Note that MML §11.4 is due Wednesday 4/24 at 10am.
Last Thursday (4/18) we finished the lectures for §11.4 (graphing in polar coords). For further examples, on §11.3-11.5 Lecture Notes, look at pages 8-10 (ignore the area part on bottom of page 10).
To class on Thursday 4/25, bring your §11.3-11.5 Lecture Notes.
Study Suggestions and details for Exam 3.
MML homework is posted through 11.2.
A good preparation tomorrow's lecture would be to do the first three MML problems of 10.TS Part 4, which are really a quick review of 10.7 part 2 (operations on power series).
Please see updated Class Game Plan.
Solutions to Exam 2 are posted. Some class stats for Exam1 and Exam 2.
See the below Class Game Plan for the date of Exam 2.
Some Study Suggestions and details for Exam 2.
For exam preparation: a Sat. Calculus Jam Session and a Sun. Double SI (see Class Game Plan for details).
Exam 2 is approaching (see Class Game Plan). In preparation, there is a MML 10.1-10.6 Review homework. It is broken into 2 parts. Part 1 you can do now (it is 20 questions). Part 2 needs the AST. Both parts are due next Wednesday so it is best to get started on Part 1 now. Maybe you will join us this Saturday at the Calculus Jam Session.
In class on Monday (3/18), Rob will pass out Before class on Tuesday 3/19, as explained in the instructions, look over the algebra in the lecture as so you can concentrate on the calculus in class.
Calculus Jam Session this Saturday (see Class Game Plan). Two regular attenders of the Calculus Jam Sessions made in the 100's on Exam 1. Come join us.

The Integral Test Remainder Example from class today. Note the MML for 10.3 is posted.

You now should be able to do 0.1-0.9 from Practice Problem 0 for Numerical Series (the new blue sheet).

Solutions to your Intro. to Taylor Polynominal homework will be posted (under Selected Solutions) tomorrow (Friday 3/1) afternoon. On Monday, Rob will take your questions on the two Taylor Polynomial video posted on the handout page:

Watch these videos and come to class with your question. A fellow classmate also suggests this video. It is really good.
Rob will take your question over MML 10.1 on Monday 2/25. MML 10.1 due date has been extended until 10am on Monday 2/25 (with usual 25% late penalty for 2 the next days).

Solutions to Exam 1 are posted (on the previous exam page). For Exam 1: the range was 8-101, the average was 71, and the median was 74. For those students making at least 50% on Problem 0: the range was 27-101, the average was 72, and the median was 75. . The exams will be returned at the end of class on Thursday.

If you made below a 49% on the first exam, then to remain in the course you must speak Prof. Girardi by Wednesday 2/27. Either come to her office hours or email her a suggested appointment time. You should come to the appointment with a written explanation of what you will be doing differently to succeed in the remainder of the course. You might want to look at Sources of Help in the Freqently Used Links for ideas. You should come ready to explain how you will change your study habits as so to pass this class. Bring to the appointment: your graded exam, your statement of the multiple choice problems (which has your work), as well as your class notebook.

Exam 1 date has been moved since many of you appear not prepared yet for the exam. Also, this allows for a Double SI next Sunday (note in LC, not CLLCTT). See the below detailed Class Game Plan.
In preparation for Exam 1,
  • MML 8.1-8.5 Review homwork's due date has been extended to Wed 2/13 (to encourage you to be practicing integration)
  • there will be a Practice Problem 0 quiz on Wed 2/13 (to encourage you to be getting the basics down).
For more information on the Practice Problem 0 quiz (over 8.1-8.5 and 8.8), see item 2 in Study Suggestions and details for Exam 1.
Some Study Suggestions and details for Exam 1.
Calculus Jam Session this Sat. (2/2), sd requested after class today by several students. See Class Game Plan for more info.

To help prepare for the upcoming exam, the MML 8.1-8.5 Review of Techniques of Integration is due next Thursday (2/7). There is no late submission (as with recitation homework) with this MML assigments.

Due to questions in class today, I have created a new MML course called "Extra Practice for 19s Math 142". You can registrar (for free); click here for the registration information. In this MML course, you will find copies of our review homeworks 0.0 and 8.0 but with unlimited attempts and also, the pull down window "Question Help" (towards top of the right hand side) has options for "help me solve this" and "view an example". Your scores on this Extra Practice MML account will not be recorded (basically, it just there to help you - take avantage of it if you need). The 8.0 assignment had several topics needed for PFD. The 0.0 assignment should help with the Maple Lab B assignment.

Note, today we have finished the lectures for §8.4 (Trig Sub) so you should be starting on the MML for §8.4.

In recitation on Wed (1/30), Rob will answer your questions over the last example from class on today, namely Ex. 5 of the Trig. Substitution handout. He might talk about the algebra involved in the integration of the last example on page 4 of the handout Partial Fractions. Rob will also cover Maple Lab B (Review of Calculus I) and distribute the Maple Lab homework. After Rob's presentation until the end of class time , you should work on either the Maple Lab activities&homework (over limits of functions) or MML homework.

In lecture on Thursday (1/31), we will cover §8.5 Partial Fractions. Before class, read pages 1 and 2 of the handout Partial Fractions. Then from the handout, read the example on page 4, an example you theoretically were able to do the first day of of Math 142 albeit the algebra is delicate.

Recall there is a Calculus Jam Session Saturday (1/19) at 2-4pm. Look for us in LC 312 and if nobody is there, look for a note on my office door (LC 309C) saying were we are (we might have to move/overfill into LC 311 or LC 317R). Bring the material (e.g. class notebook/handouts/laptop) needed to answer your questions.

See the below Class Game Plan for assignment/quiz information for Tue&Wed. Typically, assignments are announced in class and not posted on the Class Game Plan but since some students might still be adding the course, it is best to be posting them until the W-date (after which students can no longer add a class).

Look at the solutions to the Worksheet in the Selected Solution link in the above Frequently Used Links box. You should be able to do each problem each way since each solution illustrate techinques needed for Ch. 8

Check out the Handouts links, also in the above Frequently Used Links box. Some of these handouts (e.g. the one on L'Hopital's Rule) will not be distributed in class but might help you with MML Review homework.

In class on Tuesday (1/23) we will finish the handout on Integration by Part (we are almost done) and then go over Trig. Integrals. In class, the choice of the u-du in Trig. Integrals will be motivated. Once the proper choice of the u-du is made, students often struggle with the algebra. So before class on Tuesday, look over the handout Trigonometric Integrals to be sure you follow the algebra. Example 3 is particularly algebra-heavy. In class we will discuss the motivation behind the proper choice of u-du.

MyMathLab (MML), the online homework system, is now set up. The Student Registration Instructions, which has the course ID, explains how you access your course's online homework. It also explains how you can get free temporary access for 14 day and then, upon purchasing the MML access, transfer all the work you had done. When you set up your MML account, please use your name as it appears on your student ID, which is how it appears in my gradebook (so that the real you gets the credit for all the work you did).

Once connected to MML, you will see homework posted. You should have 8.1 done before class on Wed 1/23. There are hints to the MML 8.1 on the Ch. 8 homework page (under "All Homework" in the Frequently Used Links above). Since 1/23 is the first day for some adding classes late (W-date is 1/22) the absolute due date is as posted on MML.

After the W-date, MML assignments will usually be due by 10am the day of a question/quiz recitation, you get 3 attempts per question, and there is a late (basically, you have 2 more days) submission penalty (25% deduction). So you should do as much as you can before recitation, come to recitation with questions ready so that you can go back after recitation and work on those problems were giving you troubles.

Use MML wisely.
When you pull up a MML homework set: copy or print it off (go to "Question Help" drop down menu and choose "Print" homework assignment), work the problems by hand on paper, then go back and enter your answers into MML. Then keep, in an orderly fashion, your written homework for studying for exams.

Recall the course homepage "All Homework" link has hints and practice problems&solutions.

Findable from the course homepage: