Some of My Preprints (Not Necessarily the Published Version)

Newton polygons and the Prouhet-Tarry-Escott problem , with Maria Markovich, submitted. [pdf]

Further irreducibility criteria for polynomials with non-negative coefficients , with Morgan Cole and Scott Dunn, Acta Arith., to appear. [pdf]

On the irreducibility of a polynomial associated with the Strong Factorial Conjecture , with Brady Rock, Colloquium Mathematicum, to appear. [pdf]

Starting with gaps between k-free numbers , with Sid Graham and Ognian Trifonov, International Journal of Number Theory 11 (2015), 1411-1435. [pdf]

Colorings of Pythagorean triples within colorings of the positive integers , with Joshua Cooper, Joshua Harrington and Daniel White, Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory 6 (2014), 1-16. [pdf]

Is every polynomial with integer coefficients near an irreducible polynomial? , Elemente der Mathematik 69 (2014), 130-143. [pdf]

49598666989151226098104244512918 , with Sam Gross, Journal of Number Theory 137 (2014), 16-49. [pdf]

The non-cyclotomic part of f(x) x^n + g(x) and roots of reciprocal polynomials off the unit circle , with Edward Dobrowolski and Andrew Vincent, International Journal of Number Theory 9 (2013), 1865-1877. [pdf]

On classifying Laguerre polynomials which have Galois group the alternating group , with Pradipto Banerjee, Carrie E. Finch and J Russell Leidy, Journal de Theorie des Nombres de Bordeaux 25 (2013), 1-30. [pdf]

A polynomial investigation inspired by work of Schinzel and Sierpinski , with Joshua Harrington, Acta Arith. 155 (2012), 149-161. [pdf]

Solving n(n+d)...(n+(k-1)d) = b y^2 with P(b) <= Ck , with Shanta Laishram and N. Saradha, International Journal of Number Theory 8 (2012), 161-173.. [pdf]

The distance to an irreducible polynomial, II , with Michael Mossinghoff, Math. Comp. 81 (2012), 1571-1585. [pdf]

Laguerre polynomials with Galois group A_m for each m , with Travis Kidd and Ognian Trifonov, Journal of Number Theory 132 (2012), 776-805. [pdf]

Composites that remain composite after changing a digit , Mark Kozek, Charles Nicol and John Selfridge, Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory 2 (2011), 25-36. [pdf]

On a polynomial conjecture of Pal Turan , with Pradipto Banerjee, Acta Arithmetica 143 (2010), 239--255. [pdf]

On values of d(n!)/m!, phi(n!)/m! and sigma(n!)/m! , with Dan Baczkowski, Florian Luca and Ognian Trifonov, International Journal of Number Theory 6 (2010), 1199-1214. [pdf]

On the factorization of consecutive integers , with Michael Bennett and Ognian Trifonov, Journal fur die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelle) 629 (2009), 171-200. [pdf]

Yet another generalization of the Ramanujan-Nagell equation , with Michael Bennett and Ognian Trifonov, Acta Arithmetica 134 (2008), 211-217. [pdf]

On powers associated with Sierpinski numbers, Riesel numbers and Polignac's conjecture , with Carrie Finch and Mark Kozek, Journal of Number Theory 128 (2008), 1916-1940. [pdf] [data]

Irreducibility and greatest common divisor algorithms for sparse polynomials , with Andrew Granville and Andrzej Schinzel, Number Theory and Polynomials (ed. James McKee and Chris Smyth), LMS Lecture Note Series 352, Cambridge Univ. Press, 2008, pp. 155-176. [pdf]

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Galois groups of polynomials arising from circulant matrices , with Florian Luca, Pante Stanica and Robert Underwood, Journal of Number Theory 128 (2008), 59-70. [pdf]

Sieving by large integers and covering systems of congruences , with Kevin Ford, Sergei Konyagin, Carl Pomerance and Gang Yu, Journal of the American Mathematical Society 20 (2007), 495-517. [pdf]

On the irreducibility of a truncated binomial expansion , with Angel Kumchev and Dmitrii Pasechnik, Rocky Mountain Journal of Math. 37 (2007), 455-464. [pdf]

Two Diophantine approaches to the irreducibility of certain trinomials , with Florian Luca, Pante Stanica and Robert Underwood, Acta Arithmetica 128 (2007), 149-156. [pdf]

On three questions concerning 0,1-polynomials , with Carrie Finch and Charles Nicol, Journal de Theorie des Nombres de Bordeaux 118 (2006), 357-370. [pdf]

Irreducibility testing of lacunary 0,1-polynomials , with Douglas Meade, Journal of Algorithms 55 (2005), 21-28. [pdf]

A generalization of a third irreducibility theorem of I. Schur , with Martha Allen, Acta Arith. 114 (2004), 183-197. [pdf]

On the irreducibility of 0,1-polynomials of the form f(x) x^n + g(x) , with Manton Matthews, Jr., Colloq. Math. 99 (2004), 1-5. [pdf]

On testing the divisibility of lacunary polynomials by cyclotomic polynomials , with Andrzej Schinzel, Math. Comp. 73 (2004), 957-965. [pdf]

A generalization of a second irreducibility theorem of I.Schur , with Martha Allen, Acta Arith. 109 (2003), 65-79. [pdf]

On the irreducibility of a certain class of Laguerre polynomials , with Richard Williams, J. Number Theory 100 (2003), 229-250. [pdf]

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