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I was a Postdoc at the Department of Mathematics, University of South Carolina, working under the direction of Prof. Qi Wang. I graduated with a Ph.D. degree in applied and computational mathematics in Dec. 2018. Currently, I work as a Postdoc in the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems.

My research interests include developing mathematical models, accurate and efficient numerical algorithms, and implementation on high-performance CPU-GPU hybrid computing clusters to solve mathematical and computational problems arising from active matter system in biochemistry, biophysics, fluid dynamics and rheology of complex fluids (soft matter).

My CV is in PDF. Google Scholar. Researchgate.


  • SIAM Student Travel Award. ($650 * 2)                                             11/2016 and 09/2018

  • Travel Award from the Graduate School at the University of South Carolina. ($500 * 2)                                                                                                               01/2017 and 09/2018

  • The Outstanding First Year Graduate ACM Student Award. (USC)                       04/2014