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  • Xueping Zhao, Tiezheng Qian and Qi Wang, Thermodynamically Consistent Hydrodynamic Models of Multi-Component Fluid Flows. Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, in revision, 2018.PDF
  • Xueping Zhao and Qi Wang, A Second Order Fully-discrete Linear Energy Stable Scheme for a Binary Compressible Viscous Fluid Model, submitted to Journal of Computational Physics, 2018.PDF
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  • Xiaobo Jing, Jun Li, Xueping Zhao and Qi Wang, Second Order Linear Energy Stable Schemes for Allen-CahnEquations with Nonlocal Constraints,submitted to Journal of Scientific Computing, 2018.PDF

Coming soon

  • Xueping Zhao and Qi Wang, Hydrodynamic Models for Pattern Formation in Tissues. To be submitted to Physical Review E, 2018.
  • Xueping Zhao and Qi Wang, Analysis and Simulations of Emerging Structures in a Compressible Active Matter Model, in preparation, 2018.