Math 142

A preparation for Math 142

You know better than I do how much you need to review.
Not to hand in but do what you need to be able do!


handouts Suggested review from Math 141
trigonometry (trig) Unit Circle We will use trigometric functions throughout this course. Early on in the first chapter to be covered, Techniques of Integration, there will be a section on Trig Integrals and a section on Trig Substitution. You need a working knowledge of Trig.
  • You need a working knowledge of the unit circle, as detailed on the handout Unit Circle.
  • A practice Trig Quiz (with soln) illustrating the needed working knowledge of Trig needed for Trig Integrals and Trig Substitution.
  • Our textbook (by Thomas) covers basic trig in §1.3 and inverse trig in §1.6,3.9. Practice problems are provided there.
  • Here is a trig appendix (with problems) from another textbook, along with solutions
    (Stewart 6th ed ET)
  • Indeterminate Forms
    (L'Hopital's Rule)
    Indeterminate Forms
    (L'Hôpital's Rule)
    You need a working knowledge of L'H's rule (which was covered in Calc. I) for the section on Improper Integrals in the first chapter to be covered in this course. So, if you so need, review L'Hôpital's Rule.

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