Konstantin I. Oskolkov
Research Supervision

  1. Roumen Kozarev, graduate student in Ph.D. program (Fall 2001-present)

  2. Thomas Weedon, graduate student (1994-1996)

  3. Alexei Telyakovskii, graduate student (1994-1996)

    Akhmed Kurkiev, Ph.d, Moscow State University (1994) Boundedness of solutions to Cauchy problem for Schroedinger type equations

    Eugene Hailov, Ph.d, Moscow State University (1990) Approximation of attainable sets in linear control systems

    Lyudmila Shloma, Ph.D., Minsk State University (1988) Reconstruction of functions via Chebyshev quadratures

    Irene Tyuleneva (Volodina), Ph.D., Moscow State University (1986)Kolmogorov n-widths of certain classes of periodic function

    Magomed Chahkiev, Ph.D., Moscow State University (1984)Optimal quadrature formulae on classes of periodic functions

    Dmitrii Silin, Ph.D., Moscow State University (1983)Singular properties of optimal control functions in linear systems

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