Konstantin I. Oskolkov
Publication List

Books Translated or Edited

  1. B. Sendov and V. Popov, Usrednennye moduli gladkosti, "Mir", Moscow, 1988, ISBN 5-03-000438-6, Translated from the Bulgarian and with a preface by Yu. A. Kuznetsov and K.I. Oskolkov. MR 90e:41001 (Russian)

  2. A. Brensted, Vvedenie v teoriyu vypuklykh mnogogrannikov, "Mir", Moscow, 1988, ISBN 5-03-001115-3, Translated from the English by K. I. Oskolkov; Translation edited and with a preface by B. S. Kashin. MR 89h:52006 (Russian)

  3. I. M. Vinogradov, A. A. Karacuba, K. I. Oskolkov, and A. N. Parsin, Trudy mexhdunarodnoi konferenctsii po teorii chisel (Moskva, 14-18 sentyabrya 1971 g.), Izdat. "Nauka", Moscow, 1973, With an introductory address by M. V. Keldys; Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklov. 132 (1973). MR 48 #213 (Russian)


  1. K. Oskolkov, The Schroedinger density, and the Tabotis effect, Z. Cieseilski's Anniversary Volume (accepted).

  2. K. Oskolkov, The valleys of shadow in Schroedinger landscape, The Erwin Schroedinger Intl. Inst. for Math. Physics (preprint).

  3. K. Oskolkov, On the exceptional set of some trigonometric series (submitted).
  4. K. Oskolkov, On a result of Telyakovskii and multiple Hilbert transforms with polynomial phases, Mat. Zametki 74 (2003), 242-256.

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  12. Ronald A. DeVore, Konstantin I. Oskolkov, and Pencho P. Petrushev, Approximation by feed-forward neural networks, Ann. Numer. Math. 4 (1997), 261-287, The heritage of P.L. Chebyshev: A Festschrift in honor of the 70th birthday of T. J. Rivlin. MR 97i:41043

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