Linear Algebra
MATH 544, section 501, Spring, 2009

Class: MWF 10:10-11:00 in LC 310; office hours: MW 2-4, TTh 1-3 in LC 300i or LC 411

Professor Matt Miller
Department of Mathematics
University of South Carolina

  • Information[pdf] in printable form, but not yet completely updated for Spring, 2009. The final version will also be distributed in hard copy on the first day of class. This document is also known as the course syllabus.
  • Class topics, assignments, and important dates This is now ready for use. Be sure to refresh or reload each time you visit in case there are updates.
  • There is no need to make an appointment for my regularly scheduled office hours. Feel free to drop by my office any other time I am in, if you have questions, but it is safer to make an appointment.
  • Exams from the current semester (will be posted AFTER the Exam takes place, natch!)
  • Exam 1 Monday, February 9.
  • Exam 2 Friday, March 6.
  • Exam 3 Friday, April 10.
  • Final Exam Thursday, April 30, 9:00-noon
  • Quizzes from the current semester
  • Quiz 1 with solutions
  • Quiz 2 with solutions
  • Quiz 3 with solutions
  • Quiz 4 with solutions
  • It has been a long time since I last taught MATH 544, so there is nothing to give you on line. I will point you to some links to my colleagues' pages, where you can find their exams for practice.
  • Professor Schep, Spring, 2003
  • Professor Kustin, Summer I, 2007, and earlier

  • Last modified: February 2, 2009