XY Files

XY is a data directory which contains examples of files in the XY format, which are simply lists of points in the plane.

An XY file has a simple structure. There are three kinds of records:

Example XY File:

        #  Corners of a triangle
        0.0  0.0
        1.0  0.0
        0.0  1.0


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.

Related Data and Programs:

CIRCLE_POINTS, a FORTRAN90 program which computes points equally spaced on a circular arc, and writes them to an XY file;

PLOT_POINTS, a FORTRAN90 program which can make an EPS plot of a set of points in 2D.

XY_DISPLAY, a MATLAB program which reads a XY file containing the coordinates of points in 2D, and displays a plot of the points in a MATLAB graphics window;

XY_DISPLAY_OPENGL, a C++ program which reads XY information defining points in 2D, and displays an image using OpenGL.

XY_IO, a C++ library which reads and writes files in the XY and XYL formats.

XYL, a data directory which contains examples of XYL files, a simple 2D graphics point and line format;

XY File characteristics:

Sample Files:

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Last revised on 05 September 2011.