ANN Search Tree Visualization

ANN_TO_FIG is a C++ program which displays an image of the search tree used by the ANN program.

ANN_TO_FIG expects as input a dump file created by the ANN_TEST program. It creates a file in the FIG format, which can be displayed by the XFIG program, or converted to other formats using the FIG2DEV program.


ann_to_fig -upiscale -xxoffset -yyoffset -szsize -dxdimx -dxdimy -sldim AND value -pspointsize file
reads the ANN_TEST dump file file.dmp and creates the FIG format file file.fig.
-upi scale
specifies the number of FIG units per inch (default is 1200);
-x xoffset
sets the x offset of the bounding box (default 1 inch).
-y yoffset
sets the y offset of the bounding box (default 1 inch).
-sz size
specifies the length of the longer side of the box (default 5 inches).
-dx dimx
the first plane dimension (default is "0", meaning the first coordinate);
-dy dimy
the second plane dimension (default is "1", meaning the second coordinate);
-sl dim AND value
specifies a slicing pair as a dimension and a slicing value.
-ps pointsize
specifies the radius of circles used for drawing points (default is 10 FIG units).


ANN_TO_FIG is available in a C++ version.

Related Data and Programs:

ANN, a C++ library which rapidly approximates the nearest neighbor of a point.

ANN_TEST, a C++ program which uses the ANN library, and carries out approximate nearest neighbor computations.

FIG, a data directory which contains examples and a description of the FIG format.


David Mount, Sunil Arya.


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  3., the web site.
    The XFIG Home Page.

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Last revised on 15 May 2006.