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Jeremiah Southwick

Graduate Student

Columbia, SC

southwij 'at' mailbox 'dot' sc 'dot' edu


A game I created

person About

I am a fourth-year mathematics graduate student at the University of South Carolina. My advisor is Michael Filaseta.

My research interests are all in the area of number theory. Currently my research involves algebraic and elementary number theory, and in the past I have also considered topics in combinatorial number theory.

This website is currently under construction, and likely will be for the duration of my time at USC.

group Graduate Colloquium

I no longer organize the graduate colloquium, but here's a link for the Spring 2019 colloquium and here's one for the Fall 2018 colloquium.

book Chess

My main non-math hobby is chess. In my spare time I dabble in blitz and bullet on chess.com. My favorite chess openings are the Italian as White and the Sicilian as black.