Curriculum vitae

University of South Carolina, Assistant professor, 2020 August-

UCLA, CAM assistant adjunct professor in Mathematics, 2016-2020.

Georgia Tech, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2016.

Shandong University, Mathematics, 2009.


Transport information dynamics: mean field games, information geometry, optimal transport, Schrodinger equations, Schrodinger Bridge problems and their generalizations in conservation laws;

Transport information intergals: Iterative Gamma intergals, Transport Bregman divergences, Transport Hessian distances;

Transport information derivatives: Iterative Gamma derivatives, Stochastic dynamics analysis, Kinectic equations, Hypocoercivities, (Higher order) log-Sobolev inequalities;

Transport information optimization and statistics: AI inferences, estimations, and MCMC methods;

Quantum transport information: Quantum transport learning and Free transport;

Transport information science: scientific computing, inverse problems, Lie group control, Bayesian inverse problems, evolutionary games, signal/image processing, communications, robotics swarming and pandemic control.


Transport Information Scientific Lab

Mean field games with applications


Office: LeConte 317J

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