MATH Honors 554 and 703-I

Real Analysis I  - Fall 2008
Professor Robert Sharpley
Meets: TTh  2:00 - 3:30 in LeConte 121

Instructor Information
 Office Hours:   TTh 3:30-4:15  (LC 429)
 Additonal Hours:   Wed: 10:00-11:45 (Sum 206)

Course Announcements for Friday, Dec 5 :
  • Lecture set 7b (Theorem 3) and Lecture set 8 (differentiation) are available for download.
  • LC 121 is reserved for Monday's review session from 12-2 pm.
  • The exam will cover through Theorem 3 of Lecture set 7b. The exam will have less emphasis on Lecture Set 1 than on the rest.
  • Solution to Homework #5.

Course Information

Description:   This Honors course is a rigorous treatment of analysis required for a fuller understanding of the calculus, as well as preparation for graduate school in mathematics and other disciplines requiring analytical and numerical solution of equations arising from mathematical modeling. Standard topics of an introductory analysis course will be covered, along with additional concepts which do not necessarily follow the text. Attendence is required and the exams will be over the lectures and homework. Course topics include:

Recommended Text:  Principles of Mathematical Analysis, (3-rd edition) by Walter Rudin, McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math, 1976.
      [ISBN 978-0070542358 (also available in paperback)]

Grading: Three tests (indicated on the calendar below) will each factor as 20% of the course grade. The homework, turned in on a regular basis, counts 15%, with the comprehensive final exam accounting for the remaining 25%. Make-up tests are not normally given. Graduate Students will be required to complete additional problems for homework and on exams, and complete a term paper.

Expected Outcomes: This course is considered as an undergraduate 'Finishing Course' for Mathematics majors. As such, students will be expected to master the concepts of analysis (in particular the listed topics), provide mathematical rigor to arguments, and demonstrate the ability to effectively write mathematical prose.

Attendance: Classroom attendance is required according to official university 10% policy. Make-up tests are not normally given for missed examinations.

Important Course Dates:

Prerequisites: Admittance is restricted to students in the Honors College and to students approved through special petition to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Douglas Meade.

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