High Performance Computing
at South Carolina



  1. Background.
  2. Participating Institutions.
    1. Groundwater.
    2. Material Science.
    3. Computational Science and Education.
  3. Organization.
  4. USC Component Activities.
    1. Analysis and Code Development.
      • Numerical solution of degenerate equations.
      • Eulerian-Lagrangian methods for convection-diffusion equations.
      • Multiresolution analysis.
      • Postprocessed simulations.
    2. Graphical User Interfaces and Enabling Technologies.
    3. Modeling and Field Studies.
    4. Computational Resources.
  5. USC Personnel.

If you wish to obtain further information about South Carolina activities in PICS or High Performance Computing, please contact:

Bob Sharpley
Department of Mathematics
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208, USA


E-mail: (sharpley@math.sc.edu)

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