Pi Mu Epsilon AY 2020-21

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Faculty Advisors
Ronda Sanders
President: Travis Pence
Vice President: James Blake Seekings
Secretary/Treasurer: Hernan Mauricio Quisbert Ramos

Current Members
member email major other
Undergraduate Students

S22 x Siri Avula email Computer Science and Mathematics Photography, Dance, Running

  x Rachel Bagent email Math Astronomy, Music

S21 x Yasmen Balogun email Mathematics Public Health Minor, Pre-Med

S22 x Enrique Guzman Barron email Math, Statistics Tennis, Spanish, Chess

S19 x Thomas Batka email Math Chemistry, History, Tennis

F21 x Travis Bunch email Mathematics Jeopardy!, Spanish, Frisbee, Reading

  x Walker Butler email Economics Music, Programming, Technology

F20 x Katherine Davis email Mathematics Dance, Computer Science

F20 x Kendall DeLong email Math and Secondary Education  

F20 x Jack Dedmondt email Mathematics Backpacking, Camping, Reading

  x Ayden Eddings email Mathematics Foreign Languages, Puzzles, Worldbuilding/Writing

  x Lea Elsner email Math Cello, Swimming, D&D, Marching Band

S21 x Frida-Sophia Johansson Emmert email Math  

F20 x Olivia Gary email Mathematics Medicine, Dance, Beach, Dogs

S19 x John Jutting email Math History, Science

S22 x David Keen email Mathematics and Computer Science None

  x Vasilisa Lyubimova email Mathematics Computer Science, Politics, Philosophy

F20 x Isaac Luther email Computer Science, Mathematics Economics

F21 x Ian McDowell email Computer Science, Mathematics Video and Tabletop Games, Dungeons and Dragons

F20 x Felicia McGill email Mathematics and Spanish Neuroscience, Karaoke, Piano, Soccer

S22 x Ainsley McLaughlin email Mathematics Singing, Drawing, Soccer

S20 x Natalie Monzavifar email Math and Computer Science Reading, German, Research

S21 x Benjamin Moses email Physics and Mathematics  

  x Dawn Nguyen email Mathematics Education

S21 x Nainaa Oberoi email Mathematics Public Health Interest, MAT Program Cognate

S21 x Travis Pence email Mathematics and Computer Science Chemistry

  x Zachary Pytel email Physics/Biology Music, Board Games, Word Games, Video Games, Running

  x Hernan Mauricio Quisbert Ramos email Economics Based on Business Algorithms, Philosopize, Singing and understanding how the world works

F20 x Santiago Gutierrez Rivera email Computer Science Synthetic Music, Movies, Philosophy of Mind

F20 x John Ryan email Mathematics, Economics, Statistics Economics, Politics, Music

F21 x James Blake Seekings email Computer Science, Mathematics CSCE, Foreign Language, ASL

F19 x Jasdeep Singh email Math and Economics Economics, Finance, Physics

  x Jacob Stewart email Mathematics and Psychology Perception, Consciousness, Neural Nets

  x Jake Subosits email Mathematics Physics

  x Jason Taaffe email Math Soccer

  x Taylor Turek email Mathematics Beach, Science, Accounting

F21 x Weston Watts email Mathematics, Economics Public Policy, Education, Environmental Conservation, Music

  x Trent Waterman email Math Computer Science

F19 x Kaylee Weatherspoon email Math Chemistry, Neuroscience, Linguistics
Graduate Students

F19 x Charles Daniels email Computer Engineering Computer Architecture, High Performance Computing

S15 x Joshua Thompson email Math, PhD