Pi Mu Epsilon AY 2018-19

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Faculty Advisors
Ronda Sanders
Dr. Josh Cooper
Dr. Changhui Tan
President: Thomas Elgin
Vice President: Julia Sultz
Treasurer: Noemi Glaeser
Secretary: Emily Cunningham

Current Members
member email major other
Undergraduate Students

S17 x Halee Aiken email Math Computer Science

  x Collin Angell email Math Chess, Piano, Anime

S19 x Ian Bain email Math, Chemistry Chemistry, sustainability/environmental science, philosophy

S19 x Thomas Batka email Math Chemistry, History, Tennis

F18 x Julia Bopp email Math Student Affairs

  x Sean Carney email Math D&D, Animation, Games

S19 x Paul Carter email Chemical Engineering Playing Guitar, Reading, Running

F17 x Meredith Cartwright email Math and Statistics Archery, Animals, Tutoring

S17 x Kayla Clowers email Math Biomedical Research, Religion, Cellular Biology

F18 x Emily Cunningham email Math Drawing, Painting, Reading, Computer Science

F18 x Rachel D'Anna email Math&Stat Swimming

F18 x Hunter Jarrett Damron email Math Sailing, Robotics, Board Games

  x Natalie Davidson email Computer Science  

S19 x Joseph Dickinson email Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Math Guitar/Music, movies, video games

  x Cici Dimitroff email Math Cooking, Hiking

S17 x Thomas Elgin email Math Soccer, Board Games, Trivia

  x Lea Elsner email Math Cello, Swimming, D&D, Marching Band

F16 x Avery Freeman email Math and Physics Neuroscience, Physics, Philosophy, Social Justice

F16 x Noemi Glaeser email Math and Computer Science Music, American Sign Language, Marching Band

  x Parker Gustafson email Mechanical Engineering Electrical and Automations

  x Sara Hamilton email Math Spanish, Finance, Statistics (actuarial science)

S19 x William John Heffernan email Computer Science Programming, Statistics

S19 x Shannon Higgins email Math Hiking, Swimming, Writing

S19 x John Jutting email Math History, Science

F18 x Melissa Lein email Math Soccer, Running, Reading

S17 x Jackson Maris email Math and Statistics Music, Computer Science, Economics

S16 x Eric Miller email Statistics and Economics Music, Economics and Markets, Biking and Lifting

  x Josh Nelson email Computer Science Programming, Choir, LaTex, Linux, Rock Climbing

  x Maggie O'Connell email Computer Science/Math Video Games, Outdoor Exploration, Art

S18 x Sean O'Donnell email Statistics Actuarial Emphasis Risk Management and Insurance, Sports

F14 x Jessica Otis email Math Education

S17 x Noelle Pendergraft email Math and (Business or Computer Science) Swimming, Outdoors, Music

  x Angela Rogers email Math and Economics Theater, Literature, Teaching

S18 x Jeffrey Russell email Math Computer Science, Physics, Music, Video Games

F18 x Lauren Seidl email Math Education, Theater, Psychology

  x Devon Stein email Math Chess, Video Games

S19 x Joseph "Ren" Steneman email Math Video Games, Music, Golf

F18 x Austin Stipo email Math Computer Science, RMI

F17 x Julia Sultz email Math and Spanish Service, Student Government

F18 x Justin Taylor email Math and Computer Science Computer Science

  x Nick Tice email Math Sports, Running, Movies

F17 x William Tierney email Math and Biomedical Engineering Guitar, Movies, Travel

  x Nguyen Vu email Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Canoing, Baking, Hiking

F15 x Leah Williams email Math Teaching/tutoring, Running, Swimming

S18 x Chynna Wilson email Math Spanish, Education

  x Connor Wilson email Statistics Sports, History

  x Evan Wilson email BioChemistry and Molecular Biology Sports and Medicine

  x Sarah Wolfe email Chemical Engineering Reading, Theater

  x Joey Zambelas email Molecular Biology and BioChemistry Puzzles, Astronomy
Graduate Students

F15 x Candace Bethea email Phd Math Hanging with my dog, Playing Guitar, Beach

  x Chris Edgar email Applied Math Guitar, Shake-weight, Drawing, Computer Science

  x Aditya Kiran email Math Physics, Puzzles, Hiking

  x Inne Singgih email Math Anime, Badminton, Board Games

S13 x Jeremiah Southwick email Math Chess

S15 x Joshua Thompson email Math, PhD  

  x Robert Vandermolen email Math, PhD Skateboarding, Turntablism

F15 x Zhiyu Wang email Math Computer Science

  x Hays Whitlatch email Math Applying for Jobs

  x Duncan Wright email Math, PhD Soccer, Quantum Computing