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Latex Lessons

The LaTex Help by Example Latex Lessons will help you LaTex your homework. By comparing the provided LaTex Lesson code/input (FileName.tex) to the complied/output PDF file (FileName.pdf) you will quickly pick up the needed LaTex to do your homework.

How To Use Latex Lessons

As explained at Getting started with LaTex, start an Overleaf blank project (name it Latex Lessons). Then

  1. download each provided Latex Lesson LateX file into your Overleaf Latex Lessons project
  2. (re)compile each LaTex file in Overleaf (which will produce the corresponding PDF file)
  3. read though the PDF files, learning LaTex as you go.
This way you will have all the LaTeX Lessons in one handy place.

When you want to do something similar to what you have seen in a Latex Lesson, just compare that LaTex Lesson code/input (Filename.tex) to the complied/output PDF file to see how to do it.

A neat Overleaf feature is that if you double click (with left mouse key) at a place in the PDF file, then Overleaf indicates to you the corresponding place in the LaTeX file. This feature makes it easy to compare the PDF output to the LaTex input.

These LaTex Lessons are designed to be worked in order.


Latex Lessons
Used in Sundstrom's book Topic PDF File LaTex file
1Ch. 1 LaTeX Basics PDF LaTeX
2Ch. 1Delimiters and Sets PDF LaTeX
3Ch. 1 Tag And Label Displayed Equations PDF LaTeX
4Ch. 1 Align Displayed Equation PDF LaTeX
5Ch. 1 Write A Proof PDF LaTeX

Just let Prof. Girardi know if you would like a Latex Lesson on a following.

  1. Make a Table
  2. Make a List

LaTeX is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific and engineering documents.

Findable from URL: http://people.math.sc.edu/girardi/