Color Contour of Triangulated Data

TRIANGULATION_ORDER6_CONTOUR, a MATLAB program which reads datafiles describing a set of nodes, a triangulation of the nodes into six-node triangles, and a scalar evaluated at the nodes. It produces a plot of the triangulation, and several styles of color contour plots of the scalar

This program has a flaw - MATLAB can easily display linear data, so the program essentially divides each quadratic 6-node triangle into smaller 3-node triangles, and lets MATLAB compute and display a surface which is planar over each triangle. This is only an approximation, and if the "fine scale" quadratic behavior of the solution is of interest, it will not show up using this program! To do so well requires computing the underlying quadratic function at numerous sampling points before constructing and displaying the (now much smaller) planar surfaces that approximate the quadratic surface.

The program reads three data files that form a "finite element model" of a scalar quantity defined over a 2D region:

The program automatically displays five plots:

  1. An image of the 3-node triangles created by discarding the midside nodes of the input triangulation;
  2. A color contour plot, using the crude 3-node triangulation, with color constant over a triangle.
  3. An image of the finer 3-node triangles created by breaking the 6-node triangles into 4 3-node triangles.
  4. A color contour plot, using the finer 3-node triangulation, with color constant over a triangle.
  5. A color contour plot, using the finer 3-node triangulation, with color linearly interpolated to make a very nice picture.


triangulation_order6_contour ( 'prefix' )
where prefix is the common filename prefix:


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.


TRIANGULATION_ORDER6_CONTOUR is available in a MATLAB version.

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Last revised on 10 April 2019.