Piecewise Linear Finite Element Approximation

FEM2D_PROJECT_FUNCTION, a MATLAB program which projects a function W(X,Y), given as a formula, into a given finite element space of piecewise linear triangular elements.

The result is that the function W(x,y) is approximated by a finite element function U(x,y) formed using piecewise linear triangular elements.

The computational region is a rectangle, which is divided up into a mesh of triangles using a grid of NX by NY points. For node K at grid point (I,J) in the interior, the associated basis function Vk(x,y) is used to pose the equation:

        Integral U(x,y) Vk(x,y) dx = Integral W(x,y) Vk(x,y) dx
while, for node K at grid point (I,J) on the boundary, the associated degree of freedom is determined by the boundary condition
        U(x,y) = W(x,y),

The conditions define a linear system for the coefficients Uk in the finite element expansion of U(x,y):

        U(x,y) = sum ( 1 <= K <= M*N ) Uk * Vk(x,y)

The program computes these coefficients, compares U and W pointwise at the nodes, and computes the L2 norms of U, W and U-W.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.


FEM2D_PROJECT_FUNCTION is available in a C++ version and a FORTRAN90 version and a MATLAB version.

Related Data and Programs:

FEM2D, a data directory which contains examples of 2D FEM files, text files that describe a 2D finite element geometry and associated nodal values;

FEM2D_PACK, a MATLAB library which is useful for 2D finite element calculations.

FEM2D_PROJECT, a MATLAB program which projects a function F(X,Y), given as a data, into a given finite element space of piecewise linear triangular elements.


FEM2D_SAMPLE, a MATLAB library which evaluates a finite element function defined on an order 3 or order 6 triangulation.


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