Computational Geometry in 2D, 3D, ND

GEOMPACK3 is a FORTRAN90 library which handles certain computational geometry problems, by Barry Joe.

In particular, GEOMPACK3 can compute the Voronoi diagram, and the Delaunay triangulation, of a set of points in the plane, and can carry out analogous operations for points in 3D and in N-dimensional space.


GEOMPACK3 is available in a FORTRAN90 version

Related Data and Programs:

DUTCH, a FORTRAN90 library which carries out tasks in computational geometry.

GEOMETRY, a FORTRAN90 library which performs geometric calculations in 2, 3 and N dimensional space.

GEOMPACK, a FORTRAN90 library which contains a subset of the routines in GEOMPACK3, but only those for certain 2D calculations.

TET_MESH_DISPLAY_OPENGL, a C++ program which reads a tet mesh and displays the nodes and edges using OpenGL.


Original FORTRAN77 version by Barry Joe; FORTRAN90 version by John Burkardt.


  1. Barry Joe,
    GEOMPACK - a software package for the generation of meshes using geometric algorithms,
    Advances in Engineering Software,
    Volume 13, pages 325-331, 1991.
  2. George Forsythe, Michael Malcolm, Cleve Moler,
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