Test BOOST Libraries

boost_test, C++ programs which demonstrate the use of the BOOST libraries.

The BOOST libraries are a collection of free, peer-reviewed portable C++ libraries, intended to work with with, and extend, the C++ Standard Library.


The BOOST library is distributed under the BOOST Software License

Additional software, documents and data supplied here are distributed under the Gnu LGPL license.


boost_test is available in a C++ version.


  1., the BOOST home page.

Examples and Tests:

BOOST_TEST1 is a program which reads integers from stdin, triples them, and writes the results to stdout; it does not terminate, and must be killed externally;

BOOST_TEST2 is a program which reads a text file and prints out the subject lines, assuming the input file is a mail message.

BOOST_TEST3 demonstrates the BOOST accumulator library by constructing a density histogram of 100 random values.

Last revised on 08 April 2018.