Microsoft BMP bitmap files
Read and Write Utilities

BMP_IO is a C++ library which reads or writes the graphics information in a Microsoft BMP file.

A user program can employ these routines to read a BMP file and extract and return the graphics information (RGB pixel arrays), or to write internal RGB pixel arrays into a properly formatted BMP file. The BMP file format is used for many of the icons seen cluttering up the desktop of a Windows machine, for instance.

Of course, another interesting application is to read in a BMP file, and write out the RGB information to a file in another format.

Since some of the data is multibyte, the format of the file can depend on whether such data is written with the bytes in "little-endian" or "big-endian" order. The program maintains a variable called BMP_BYTE_SWAP which controls how the program assumes the bytes are ordered. Setting this variable to true show be the appropriate value for little-endian ordering, while false is for big-endian. This variable can be read by calling the function bmp_byte_swap_get, or set by calling bmp_byte_swap_set.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.


BMP_IO is available in a C++ version.

Related Data and Programs:

BMP, a data directory which contains example BMP files.

BMP_TO_PPMA, a C++ program which converts BMP files to ASCII PPM format.

BMP_TO_PPMB, a C++ program which converts BMP files to binary PPM format.

PPMA_TO_BMP, a C++ program which converts ASCII PPM files to BMP format.

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