POSIX Threads for Multiprocessing

PTHREADS is a directory of C programs which illustrate the use of the POSIX thread libraries for parallel programming.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.


PTHREADS is available in a C version and a C++ version.

Related Data and Programs:

MPI, C programs which illustrate the use of a parallel programming interface for distributed memory systems.

OPENMP, C programs which illustrate the use of the OpenMP application program interface for carrying out parallel computatioins in a shared memory environment.


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Examples and Tests:

COND1 demonstrates the use of a condition variable which can cause a process to wait and then resume execution.

DOT_PRODUCT is an extensive example which shows how the dot product of two vectors could be computed.

JOIN1 shows how a thread can wait for other threads to finish.

MUTEX1 shows how a mutex can be used to control the access by different threads to a single data itme.

PTHREAD1 is a simple example which shows how threads are created and terminated.

You can go up one level to the C source codes.

Last revised on 14 April 2008.