Ewa was a highly diverse person. She was involved in many things and had many talents. This site is divided into sections that reflect this diversity.

The Accident
Ewa's accident was a major one and it is incredible that she survived it. Her initial recovery is a tribute to her strength, physical condition and determination. These pages show pictures of the accident scene and the condition of her car. Also you can find pictures and information about her rescue by the Life Star helicopter crew. This page describes some of the other people that Ewa viewed as heroes. There were others involved with Ewa's rescue and I will add to these pages in time.

The Eulogy
I will eventually place a short biography of Ewa here and in particular provide the details of her recovery in Savannah and bizarre death in Columbia.

For now, this copy of the eulogy that I gave at her funeral will have to suffice. You can also read some of Ewa's favorite poems These reflect some on how she viewed life.

Friends and Family
Ewa had a multitude of friends. Including her colleagues at the University of Charleston, her tennis friends, the people she worked with at Florence Crittenden home for unwed mothers, humanists with whom she shared a philosophical bond, her fellow students from the University of South Carolina, her friends from her native country of Poland and many more. These pages will eventually provide pictures and stories dealing with some of these people. Most of these pages are still under construction.

Ewa loved her family. In particular, she cared deeply for her sister Anna and loved her mother Teresa. She took pride her sister's children - her nieces and nephews - and she always wanted the best for them as well as for her brother. She was also very fond of her many relatives in Poland.

And of course, I was Ewa's best friend and soul mate. We loved each other very much and no one will miss her the way I do.

The Academic
Ewa was, after all, a mathematics professor. She loved mathematics and approached it with great enthusiasm.

The Research Mathematician
Originally an analyst she published two respected papers in that field. She switched her area to Combinatorics (my specialty) so that we could do research together. She did some really excellent work in this area. You can read one of her papers on line now and the others will appear shortly. You can also read the text of the reviews (in Math Reviews) of her analysis papers.

The Teacher
She was a dedicated teacher who cared for her students and participated in many activities beyond the classroom. She spent time with the State Math Team, with gifted children, and tutored girls at the Florence Crittenden Home for Unwed Mothers.

The Student
When she was a student at the University of South Carolina, she was recognized as the Most Outstanding Graduate student.

The Tennis Player
Ewa was passionate about tennis and won several tournaments. She played as often as she could and played Volvo 5.0. She and I regularly traveled to tournaments such as the Family Circle tournament in Hilton Head. We attended the French Open in Paris in 1994.

The Humanist
Ewa loved her fellow man. She was active in many humanist activities including charity work such as helping the girls at the Florence Crittenden home for unwed mothers. Her feelings towards religion and humanism can be best expressed by one of her favorite poems, Abou Ben Adhem and some of her writings.

And more...
If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this site, please let me know about them via the email link below. If you knew Ewa and have pictures or stories to share, let me know and I will add them to the site.