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Student Chapter Seminar Series (41)
12:00 noon on Friday 24/04/2014
LeConte 312
Bill Kay
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Emory University

Title: The Chromatic Number of Generalized Shift Graphs

Abstract: The k-shift graph of order n is the graph whose vertices are the k-element subsets of [n] = {1, 2, ..., n} and with two k-sets A = {a1, a2, ..., ak} and B = {b1, b2, ..., bk} adjacent iff a1 < a2 = b1 < a3 = b2 < ... < ak = bk-1 < bk. Erdős and Hajnal determined the chromatic number of such graphs to be (1 + o(1))log(k-1)n, where log(t)n is the t-fold iterated binary logarithm. A generalized shift graph has vertex set C([n],k), and a pair A,B∈C([n],k) are adjacent if and only if the elements of A and B occur in some prespecified pattern τ. Denote such a graph G(n, τ). In this talk, we show that χ(G(n, τ)) = Θ(log(B(τ)-2)n), where B is a function depending only on the pattern τ. Joint work with C. Avart, T. Łuczak, V. Rödl.

April is Mathematics Awareness Month
Mathematics Awareness Month, held each year in April, seeks to increase public understanding and appreciation of mathematics. You can join in on this effort.

The 2015 theme is "Math Drives Careers." From the website: Innovation is an increasingly important factor in the growth of world economies. It is especially important in key economic sectors like manufacturing, materials, energy, biotechnology, healthcare, networks, and professional and business services. The advances in and applications of the mathematical sciences have become drivers of innovation as new systems and methodologies have become more complex. As mathematics drives innovation, it also drives careers.

SIAM encourages student chapters to get involved and plan activities surrounding this exciting month. You can brainstorm ways of celebrating "Math Drives Careers" on SIAM's student blog and share your success stories by e-mailing Take this opportunity to create excitement and raise awareness about the importance of mathematics and its uses for discovery.

You can download and print the Mathematics Awareness Month poster or place an order for a printed copy.

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The inaugural National Math Festival will take place in Washington, DC on Saturday April 18, 2015. SIAM is seeking volunteers to help the National Museum of Mathematics (MOMATH) operate over 20 Math Midway exhibits at the Smithsonian Gardens (Enid A. Haupt Garden). We would be grateful for volunteers for the entire day (8:30A - 4:30P), morning (8:30A to 12:30P) or afternoon (12:30P - 4:30P) shifts. MOMATH estimates that they will need 50 or so volunteers throughout the day.

SIAM student chapters providing four or more student volunteers, for the entire day, may be eligible for (limited) travel funding. Please contact Byong Kwon ("BK") at for more details on funding eligibility and to apply for funding.

To volunteer for MOMATH at the festival, please register at the following website,

For more information about the National Math Festival, please see the following website,

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