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The DASIV SmartState Center is part of the South Carolina initiative to “create Centers of Economic Excellence in research areas that will advance South Carolina’s economy.”

DASIV stands for Data Analysis, Simulation, Imaging, Visualization. The Center was funded in fiscal year 2017-18 at the University of South Carolina. We operate under the College of Arts and Science, Mathematics Department. This Center has been founded to strengthen research in bridging theoretical areas like nonlinear approximation and theoretical numerical and applied analysis with mathematical modeling and interdisciplinary applications, especially in material sciences.

The CENTRAL MISSION of the DASIV SmartState Center is to expand the existing interdisciplinary cooperation at the University of South Carolina with a network of material scientists around the world. This network has grown out of a series of earlier workshops organized by the Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute. Cutting edge interdisciplinary work requires new methodological answers. DASIV’s CORE GOAL is the development of relevant theoretical foundations in a scientific landscape where genuine progress increasingly depends on what might be called hybrid models. By this we mean synthesizing classical model-based approaches, typically based on PDE models with data-driven methods used in machine learning, compressive sensing, statistical estimation.


Endowed SmartState Chair

Williams-Hedberg-Hedberg Chair in Mathematics