MA 708: Computational Mathematics I
Fall 2017

Instructor: Xiaofeng Yang

Lecture time: TTH 1:15PM-2:30PM at Leconte 303B


Instructor Office: Leconte 317c
Office Hours:
TTH 10:30am-11:30am and 2:30PM-3:00PM or by appointment


Phone: 777-3776



Note: The exams are "closed book" – no books, no notes, no calculators, no labtop comptuer or equivalent technology, etc. There are no early exams. A make-up exam is only possible for written legitimate documented reasons of illness, family emergency, or participation in a University sponsered event. You must take your exams with the lecture for which you are registered.

How is your final course grade determined?



Attendance: Attendance at every class meeting is important - and expected. Students missing more than 10% of the class meetings (4 days) can have their grade lowered.


Bonus Credits: If your attendence is more than 80%, you will get 3 bonus points for final grade; 60%-80%, 2 bonus points; 30%-60%, 0 bonus points; less than 30%, -2 bonus points.

Academic Dishonesty: Cheating and plagiarism in any form is not tolerated. If a student is caught cheating, I will follow the guidelines as set forth in the USC Honor Code and other University guidelines.


Additional Information: