September 19 and 20, 2020

This year PANTS is PAJAMAS!

The Palmetto Number Theory Series (PANTS) is a series of number theory meetings held in South Carolina, the Palmetto State, and other places in the Southeast. The core members of the PANTS consortium are:

This year we are running the PAlmetto Joint Arithmetic, Modularity, and Analysis Series in an online format, to avoid health and travel concerns due to Covid-19. Talks and posters will include all areas of number theory. Registration is open worldwide, and contributed talks will continue to highlight the work of mathematicians from the Southeast.

For links to webpages of previous PANTS meetings, see the PANTS home page.

PANTS is generously funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency. Although PAJAMAS did not require external funding, we look forward to the opportunity to once again travel and discuss mathematics in person.

Information on PAJAMAS

Dates and Location

  • DATES:   Saturday, September 19 (roughly 9 AM - 5 PM US Eastern), and Sunday, September 20, 2020 (roughly 9 AM - 1 PM).
  • LOCATION:   Worldwide via Zoom.

  • Registration

  • REGISTRATION:   (Update, September 18:) Last-minute registrants, please see the Discord forum or ask one of the organizers for login information.

  • DISCORD FORUM:   Please sign up here for the PAJAMAS Discord server. If this is new to you, there are instructions with pictures to guide you through the short two step setup. Once you land on Discord, read the information on the #welcome channel to rename yourself with your professional name and institution, and select your career stage in the #pick-a-role channel to gain access to the rest of the server. We will use Discord to keep in touch before and during the conference, for math water cooler chat, and to plan the panel discussion (with participant chosen topics) and social activities (board game nights, a math-memes contest and more!).
  • Speakers and Participants

  •   Guillermo Mantilla-Soler     Universidad Konrad Lorenz and Aalto University  
      Cristiana Bertolin     Universit√† di Torino  

  •   Lucile Devin     Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg  

  •   Mohamed Taoufiq Damir     Aalto University  

  • LIST OF PARTICIPANTS:   Includes only those who requested to be listed here on their registration form.

    Schedule, Abstracts and Recordings

    • RECORDINGS OF TALKS.   Recordings of the talks are available via YouTube, when requested by individual speakers.
    • Planned Activities

      • NEW TO THE SOUTHEAST:   All mathematicians new to the American Southeast, at any career stage, will be invited to briefly introduce themselves and say a bit about their interests.
      • PANEL DISCUSSION:   The conference will include a panel discussion. We would like the topics to be participant-driven, so please indicate your interests on the Discord server! Panelists are to be announced.
      • SOCIAL ACTIVITIES:   Social activities, such as a math-memes-contest and a board game room are being planned on Discord. At least one board game room will be self-organized on Discord by interested participants for Saturday evening. Feel free to organize your own with other participants, before, during or after the conference.
      • Expenses, etc.

          There are no registration fees or expense reimbursements for participants. Please contact the organizers in case of any questions.


      • Jenny Fuselier, High Point University.

      • Arindam Roy, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

      • Padmavathi Srinivasan, University of Georgia.

      • Frank Thorne, University of South Carolina.

      • David Zureick-Brown, Emory University.

        Please feel free to e-mail us, or ask on the Discord server, if you have any questions.

        Follow-up meeting

        A follow-up meeting in a similar format is planned for December 5-6, 2020. See you all there!