MATH 599 

Topics in Mathematics - Summer II, 2001
"Computational Science and Mathematics"
Professor Sharpley
Meets: M-F   8:30- 9:30 in Sumwalt 104/LeConte 313
Instructor Information
 Office:   LeConte 313 D
 Phone:   7-6268

Tuesday-Thursday - Continue on projects; random number generation.
Friday - PowerWall Demo and Training (10 am)

Course Information

Description:   The purpose of this course is to address the basic issues of computational science and mathematics. These issues include modeling physical processes through, for example, partial differential equations, the discretization of the PDE to provide numerical solutions, numerical analysis of the resulting computational algorithms, implementation on serial and parallel architectures, animated rendering of the time dependent solutions, and coupling to earlier procedures to refine the simulations. In addition to computational mathematics and the implementation of of parallel algorithms on IMI's Beowulf system, special topics will be introduced including computer graphics using openGL (for rendering of simulations on IMI's four processor ONYX 2), and virtual environments (using a number of tracking/steering devices) for the stereo PowerWall display.

Prerequisites:   Vector calculus; ordinary differential equations; experience in programming in C.

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