MATH 554 and 703-I

Real Analysis I  - Fall 2001
Professor Robert Sharpley
Meets: TTh  4:30 - 5:45 in LeConte 401

Instructor Information
 Office:   LeConte 313 D
 Office Hours:   TTh 3:30-4:30; 5:45 - 6:45

Loaded at 3:42 pm on Saturday - Dec. 15

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Course Information

Description:   The course will cover the general topics contained in the first five chapters of the text. Several additional topics will also be covered and the presentation will not necessarily follow the text. Attendence is required and the exams will be over the lectures (outlines of which are linked to this page) and homework. The course topics include:

Reference Text:  Real Analysis, A First Course (2-nd ed.), by Russell A. Gordon, Addision-Wesley Higher Mathematics Series, Reading, MA, 2001.

Grading scheme: Three tests, each counting 20% of the final grade. The homework, turned in on a regular basis, counts 10%, with the comprehensive final exam counting 30%.

Attendance: Classroom attendance is required according to official university policy.

Important Course Dates:

Prerequisites: Qualification through placement, or a grade of C or better in MATH 241 or its equivalent.

  Lectures Notes

  Homework Assignments

  Tests and Samples

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