MATH 242 Section 1
Elementary Differential Equations 
Fall 2002

Professor Robert Sharpley
Meets: MWF  9:05 - 9:55 in LeConte College 405

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 Office:   LeConte 313 D
 Office Hours:    MWF 10-11, or by appointment.

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Course Information

Catalogue Description:    Ordinary differential equations of first order, higher order linear equations, Laplace transform methods, series methods; numerical solution of differential equations. Applications to physical sciences and engineering. Introduction to programming desirable.

Course Topics:    The course will cover the general topics contained in chapters 1-5, 7, and 9 of the text. These topics include

Textbook:  Differential Equations with Modeling Applications (7-th ed.), by Dennis G. Zill, Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove, CA, 2001.

Grading scheme: Homework will be assigned on a regular basis but will not be collected. There will, however, be daily/weekly quizzes over the assigned homework and the lectures which will be collected and graded. This will make up 15% of the final grade.
  There will be 3 scheduled tests during the semester. No makeup tests will be given, but the lowest grade of the three test grades will be dropped and each of the two remaining tests will account for 25% of the course grade.
  The Final Exam will count 35%.

Attendance: Classroom attendance is required according to official university policy.

Important Course Dates:

Prerequisites: Qualification through placement, or a grade of C or better in MATH 142 or its equivalent.

Computational Work Sheets and Course Supplements

Homework Assignments

Tests and Samples

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