Math 122 Prerequisites

To be eligible to take Math 122, you need to either get a sufficient score on the math placement test, or get a grade of C or better in Math 111, Math 111I, or Math 115. If you do not fit this description, you may still be eligible to take the placement test. Here is the interpretation of the math placement scores.


A15 Student may register for Math 115.

A41 Student may register for Math 141, Math 174, Math 122, or Math 115.

I00 Student is not prepared for Math 111. The student has at least two options:

(i) Take the appropriate coursework at Midlands Technical College (Math 101 and/or Math 102).

(ii) Undertake a review of algebra on a self-study basis. The placement test may be repeated (but no sooner than 30 days after the first testing).

I11 Student must register for Math 111I ("Intensive" Math 111). The course content and the text are the same as in other sections of Math 111 but the section size is smaller and the class meets more frequently.

B11 Student may register for Math 111. (Math 111I is an option for students with placement codes of B11 who feel they will benefit from the intensive approach).

B22 Student may register for Math 122, 170, or 111.