Peter J. Nyikos

Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, USC

[PHOTO] This picture was taken at the 2008 Galway Colloquium.
Some other recent photos of me and many of my fellow topologists can be found at J. Vaughan's seminar page.
You can also watch me delivering a talk on limits in several variables on YouTube.
This was one of a series of lectures in higher mathematics known as the Carolina Math Seminar.
Another lecture on the same occasion was given by one of my former Ph.D. students, Laszlo Zsilinszky (1998).
Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University, 1971    Research interests include: point-set topology, especially covering and base properties of regular spaces, and the structure theory of locally compact spaces; the application of special axioms from set theory to constructing examples and establishing consistency and independence results; and applications of point-set topology, especially to Boolean algebras and functional analysis.

Click here for a slightly longer description of some of my research interests.

My Curriculum Vitae
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Course Information

Since the pandemic began, my communications with my classes have been via Blackboard. The course descriptions that are linked below have not changed significantly, although the day to day schedules and timing of homework, quizzes, and tests have varied, of course.

  • Math 731 (Spring, 2020) General Topology II
  • Math 344 (Spring, 2020) Applied Linear Algebra
  • Math 242 (Spring, 2020) Elementary Differential Equations

    Selected earlier courses:

  • Math 122 (Fall, 2019) Calculus for Business Administration and Social Sciences
  • Math 241 (Fall, 2019) Vector Calculus
  • Math 730 (Spring, 2019) General Topology I
  • Math 544 (Fall, 2018) Linear algebra
  • Math 142 (Fall, 2018) Calculus II
  • Math 534 (Fall, 2017) Elements of General Topology
  • Math 241 (Fall, 2017) Vector Calculus
  • Math 241 (Summer 3S1, 2017) Vector Calculus
  • Math 550 (Spring, 2017) Vector Analysis
  • Math 242 (Spring, 2017) Elementary Differential Equations
  • Math 241 (Fall, 2016) Vector Calculus
  • Math 546 (SummerII, 2015) Algebraic Structures I
  • Math 550 (Spring, 2015) Vector Analysis
  • Math 242 (Fall, 2014) Elementary Differential Equations
  • Math 554 (Summer I, 2014) Analysis I
  • Math 534 (Fall, 2013) Elements of General Topology
  • Math 546 (Fall, 2012) Algebraic Structures I
  • Math 141 (Spring 2012) Calculus I
  • Math 738N (Spring 2012) Topics in Topology (Set-theoretic Topology)
  • Math 768 (Fall 2006)Models of Set Theory
  • Math 760 (Spring 2006) Set Theory


    Seminar in Topology and Set Theory, Spring 2012

    Seminar in Topology and Set Theory, Fall 2011

    Seminar in Topology and Set Theory, Fall 2007

    Seminar in Set Theory and Logic, Spring & Fall of 2006

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