Population Biology
BIOL 763 / SCCC 411B
Fall, 2003

Index to Maple worksheets

Note: you are welcome to download these any time you like, but until the (8) indicator shows up be aware that as far as syntax goes the worksheet has not been updated from Maple 8, and as far as content goes has not been updated for the current class.
  • beats.mws - a brief look at superposition of cosine waves, and the phenomenum of ``beats'' (7)
  • blowflies.mws - Nicholson-Bailey density dependent plots and eigenvalues, parameter analysis of Nicholson-Bailey / Hassell models (8)
  • chemostat.mws - chemostat model to accompany Edelstein-Keshet (7)
  • cohen.mws - Cohen Science paper on human population growth; modified logistic model (8)
  • competition.mws - Macarthur's analysis of competition from the perspective of mutual invasion; also a resource consumption account for the standard model (7)
  • delay.mws - crude and less crude approaches to using Maple to solve delay differential equations (thanks to Jim Herod and Doug Meade for their help) (7)
  • eigen.mws - easy template and introduction to eigenvalues and eigenvectors (8)
  • ess.mws - Maynard Smith's 2 person game model, ESS (not used in Fall, 2001, 2003)
  • etter.mws - probabilistic stage-based model [under construction]
  • exam1.mws - some solutions to the Spring 1999 first exam
  • growth.mws - exponential and logistic growth, multipurpose template (Maple's DEplot) (8)
  • harvesting.mws - logistic growth of resource subjected to different harvesting (predation) scenarios, graphical and analytic analysis of equilibria, first look at stability (7)
  • intro.mws - basic Maple commands (8)
  • keyfitz.mws - Leslie model for human population growth (not used in Spring, 1999 or Fall, 2001, 2003)
  • koppel.mws - Koppel, Huisman, van der Wal, and Olff plant-herbivore model: multiple steady states depending on parameter values (7)
  • lead.mws - compartment model; Batschelet, Brand, & Steiner paper on lead absorption (not used in Fall, 2001, 2003)
  • leslie.mws - three Leslie-Lefkowitch models, age and stage structured, eigenvalue analysis, sensitivity analysis, effect of harvesting (8)
  • linearization.mws - one of Doug Meade's Maple Power Tools worksheets, showing how the local linearization of the vector field of a 2D system of ODE's compares to the original non-linear one (7)
  • localstab.mws - introduction to stability analysis for linear systems (8)
  • may.mws - May paper on stability, oscillation, bifurcation, chaos (8)
  • mixotroph.mws - Mixed competition/predation model -- very sketchy worksheet, you'll need the article in hand to make sense of this one. (7)
  • nonlinear.mws - May and May & Oster papers on analysis of non-linear difference equations, iteration and cobwebbing (8)
  • rKselect.mws - Roughgarden paper on density dependent natural selection (8)
  • test.mws - Predator prey model for final exam question (Spring, 1997)
  • transformations.mws - linear and affine transformations in the plane (8)
  • volterra.mws - Lotka-Volterra model and refinements; phase portraits; local Jacobian and eigenvalue anaysis (8)
  • Last modified: December 4, 2003