Maple worksheets for calculus III and IV

These worksheets are for Calculus III (Math 241) and Calculus IV (Math 550). Some were written under previous versions of Maple, and may not update or may update and not function as expected. As they were written at different times, but to illustrate some of the same mathematical ideas, they overlap to a large extent. The ones on the gradient (the shortest one also) and the flowbox are fairly well focussed, but the other two are more or less a jumble of things you can do in Maple. The curves worksheet will actually run in Maple 8 but I'm not sure that it has any independent value, as I have expanded the general 3D worksheet quite a bit. Only those that are marked (8) have been checked to perform correctly under Maple 8 and are "approved" for class use.
  • curves.mws (8) curve plotting in 3-space, vectors
  • flowbox.mws (8) worksheet to illustrate coordinate-free definition of divergence
  • gradient.mws (8) gradient vector fields
  • transformations.mws (8) linear and affine transformations in 2-D; can be used to illustrate eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and also to investigate change of variables for integration
  • 3D.mws (8) introduction to Maple's 3D graphics, amplification of curves.mws and gradient.mws, integrals and volumes