Calculus II
MATH 142, sections 3, 4, 5
Spring, 2003

Professor Matt Miller
Department of Mathematics
University of South Carolina

All sections: MWF 9:05-9:55 in BA 502, lab sessions TuTh in LC 303A
Required text: Calculus by Varberg, Purcell, Rigdon, eighth edition

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  • Information [pdf] in printable form
  • Note that the date of the first exam is incorrect on the printed sheet; the correct date is one week earlier: Friday, February 7.
  • How to find me. I am in in my Math office, LC 300i, MWF 1:30-2:30, with no appointment needed. I am available at the Sumter St. end of the Horseshoe Tu 1:00-4:15 and Th 1:00-3:15, generally at Cool Beans, or Nice 'N Natural, or EWS 704; just let me know ahead of time and I'll tell you where. Otherwise please set up an appointment.
  • If you have questions about the final call or email me to set up an appointment for some time on Thursday (but not 1:00-3:00), Friday (but not 10:00-12:00), Saturday or Sunday. Sunday evening I will be available at the Preston Seminar Room or SRC from 8 until 10.
  • Homework Assignments and Course Schedule
  • Maple Lab materials
  • Exams from this semester. Unfortunately graphs do not show up.
  • Exam 1
  • Exam 2
  • Exam 3
  • Final
  • Exams from 1999. The last time I taught MATH 142 we used quite a different text, and so the exams are not really representative of the ones you will have. Nonetheless, there are standard questions that would appear on any MATH 142 exam, so you may want to browse through these.
  • Exam 1
  • Exam 2
  • Exam 3
  • Final
  • Also of interest
  • Math Lab
  • Math 122, Mr. Murphy has a link to all sorts of TI calculator info
  • Math 142, Prof. Kustin has much useful material -- including past exams with solutions for you to practice on!
  • Math 142, Prof. Girardi has even more practice material -- plus compact summaries of the important points for each chapter
  • Math 142, Prof. Ghomi
  • Top 20 calculus sites

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