Maple-Based Instructor's Guide for Introductory Differential Equations with Sample Worksheets and Projects: A Supplement to Nagle and Saff's ``Fundamentals of Differential Equations'' (4th Edition, 1996) and ``Fundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems'' (2nd Edition, 1996)

1996 Paperback 142 pp.

by Douglas B. Meade, University of South Carolina.

The Maple-Based Instructor's Guide contains

* Table of Contents
* Electronic Resources (Releases 3 and 4)
* Errata
* Compatibility with Release 4
* Doug Meade's Home Page from The University of South Carolina.

Interested in these worksheets, but don't have Maple?

A free demonstration copy of the latest version of Maple can be downloaded from the Waterloo Maple, Inc..

It is my understanding that this ``demonstration copy'' of Maple is a fully functional Maple worksheet reader and interpreter. If so, you should be able to use it to open, browse, and otherwise explore any Maple worksheets. Of course, you won't be able to save any changes that you might make, ....

Can Maple be used as a ``helper app'' on the WWW?


While this was posible to a limited extent with Release 3, it was noticeably missing from the UNIX version. Starting with Release 4, all implementations of Maple can be used as a helper application.

Instructions for preparing a WWW browser and HTTP server for use with Maple are available.

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Communicate directly with the author of the supplement. Open to students and instructors to discuss issues related to the use of Maple in the differential equations classroom. This interactive opportunity brings Dr. Meade together with colleages and students in an open forum.

Please note that this is not a general forum for Maple instruction. General questions pertaining to Maple should be directed to your local support staff or to Maple's Technical Support.

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