Commutative Algebra -- Algebraic Geometry in the Southeast
Columbia, SC
November 8 --10, 2013
Conference Poster

The conference will take place in LeConte and room 250 Gambrell.

LeConte is on the corner of Greene Street and Pickens Street.
Gambrell is 3 buildings East of LeConte. Here is a map with the Clarion, LeConte, and Gambrell.

The refreshments, the computers, the poster display, and the collaboration rooms are all in LeConte.
The lectures will all be in room 250 GAMBRELL.
Map, Hotels, and Parking.

Seven Commutative Algebraists and Algebraic Geometers have moved to the Southeast since 2011. The conference is designed to welcome these new hires, to foster collaborations between researchers at different institutions, and to encourage and nurture interaction between the Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry communities.

The conference will be from 4:00 PM on Friday, November 8, 2013 until noon on Sunday, November 10, 2013. There will be nine lectures, a poster session, and plenty of mathematical conversation.

Pictures from the conference.

The Speakers include:

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Participants presenting posters include:

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Other participants include:

The Organizers:

The Schedule

(*) The classrooms 310 LeConte, 303B LeConte, 405 LeConte, the seminar room 312 LeConte, and the large room on the South end of the third floor of LeConte are available for conference participants throughout the conference. The posters will be on display in room 412 LeConte throughout the conference. Participants are urged to study the posters before the official poster session.

The conference is funded by the National Science Foundation.

We are essentially full. We have committed all of our funding. If we are funding your hotel room and you are a young mathematician, we request that you find a roommate.

Here is the form to fill out to get your expenses reimbursed.

Some events in Columbia on Saturday, November 9:

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