I am working to complete my Ph.D. in Mathematics under advisement from Alexander Duncan.

My main area of research is arithmetic toric geometry, which uses number theory, algebraic geometry, and convex bodies to describe interesting geometry.

I am currently using arithmetic toric geometry to tackle problems in essential dimension.


My classroom is focused around student work and reflection. My students can expect to benefit from student lead homework discussions, post quiz reflections, and classtime centered around worksheets and other active learning opportunities.

Please see my teaching philosophy statement for more details and my most recent syllabii for policies and implementations.

Undergraduate Publication

During my undergraduate degree, I completed research in quantum chemistry education under advisement from Matthew Marmorino. In this project we developed changes to a traditional conjugated dye experiment suited to illuminate the limitations of certain molecular models.

I was the lead mathematical investigator of this project and was responsible for pursuing possible avenues for approximating electron transition energies of polyene molecules.

You can read our paper here: Variation of the Conjugated Dye Experiment