Harsh Mehta

University of South Carolina
Department of Mathematics
317 N LeConte College
1523 Greene Street
Columbia, SC 29201
hmehta [at] math [dot] sc [dot] edu

I am a sixth year student. My advisor is Frank Thorne.

My areas of interest are in machine learning and number theory, in particular, analytic number theory, elementary number theory and harmonic analysis.

Office Hours

I'm here to help!
Monday-Thursday 3:30pm - 4:20pm
Or by appointment


1. The L1 norm of the generalized de la Vallee Poussin kernel
>  Journal of Mathematical Analysis and its Applications

2. Products of binomial coefficients and unreduced Farey fractions with Jeffrey Lagarias
>  International Journal of Number Theory

3. Products of Farey Fractions with Jeffrey Lagarias
>  Experimental Mathematics

4. Malle's conjecture for extensions with Frobenius Galois group
>  In Preparation

5. On degree 6 extensions with Galois group A4
>  In Preparation