Student Research Supervision

Doctoral Dissertations

  1. Mingshen Wu, ``Algorithms for spanning trees with many leaves and for edge colorings of multigraphs,'' 1989. Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stout.
  2. Roger Kwan-Ching Yeh, ``Labelling graphs with conditions at distance two,'' 1990. Tenured Full Professor at Feng Chia University, Taiwan.
  3. Christine Hsing-Win Sun, ``Binomial determinants with applications,'' 1991. Tenured position at Mt. San Antonio College, CA.
  4. Daphne Der-Fen Liu, ``Graph homomorphisms and the channel assignment problem,'' 1991. Professor, Cal-State Los Angeles. Active researcher, holds current NSF grant. Winner of her University's 2003 Outstanding Professor Award.
  5. Yan-Chyuan Lin, ``Planar graphs with few vertices of small degree,'' 1993. Tenured position at Institute for Secondary School Teachers, Taiwan.
  6. T. Kim Jonas, ``Graph coloring analogues with a condition at distance two,'' 1993. College teaching position for 5 years; now technical staff member at U.S. Census Bureau.
  7. Jianxin Ouyang, ``(0,1)-Matrices without any half-half all 1's submatrix and connectivity of k-chromatic graphs,'' 1994. Formerly at Corbis Corp. in Seattle, WA; now computer consultant in China.
  8. Chuanzhong Zhu, ``Results on intersecting families of subsets of a finite set,'' 1996. Won University award as Outstanding Graduate Student. Software development, MediaNet Digital, Inc., Seattle.
  9. Peter Sandberg, ``Finding independent sets in connected graphs without large complete subgraphs,'' 1997. Chair, Math, Judson College.
  10. Chih-Chang Ho, ``The cycling of partitions and compositions under repeated shifts,'' 1998. Tenure-track asst. prof., applied math, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan.
  11. Eva Czabarka, ``Shifting in finite vector spaces,'' 1998. Former research staff member at National Institutes for Health, working on problems from biology, and tenure-track position in mathematics at College of William and Mary. Now is tenured Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina.
  12. Xiaohua Teresa Jin, ``Real number graph labeling with distance conditions,'' 2005. Served as Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Vermont. Completed second Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, now teaching at Allen University.
  13. Kelly Kross Jordan, ``The necklace poset is a symmetric chain order," 2008. Won prize as Outstanding Graduate Student in Math at USC. Now on research staff at the NSA in Maryland.
  14. Wei-Tian Li, ``Extremal problems of families of subsets with forbidden subposets," 2011. Won USC Summer Dissertation Fellowship, then postdoc at Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Now tenure-track Assistant Professor at National Chung Hsing Univ., Taiwan.
  15. Andrew Dove, ``Generalizations of Sperner's Theorem: packing posets, families forbidding posets, and supersaturation,'' 2013. Seeking industrial employment.

Photos of Finished Doctoral Students and Assorted Partners in Crime

Master's Theses

  1. Ronetta Todd, ``On the average running time of the simplex algorithm,'' 1984. Took staff position at I.B.M. in NC.
  2. Terri Miley, ``An application of bipartite matching to chain partitions,'' 1986. Scientist, Risk and Decision Sciences, Pacific Northwest Labs, Richland, WA.
  3. Sneh Gulati, ``A study of Sperner theory and its application to L(m,n), the Young's lattice,'' 1987. Completed Ph.D. in Statistics. Tenured position at Florida International University.
  4. Christine Hsing-Win Sun, ``A study of interval numbers of graphs,'' 1989. Ph.D. noted above.
  5. Tomas Dvorak, ``On some conjectures on the chromatic index of hypergraphs,'' 1993. Lecturer at Charles University, Prague.
  6. Fabian Chudak, ``On quotient posets and the LYM-inequality and convex hulls of families of subsets,'' 1994. Completed Ph. D. in Operations Research at Cornell. Won Best Student Paper prize at 1998 SIAM National Meeting. Postdoc at I.B.M. Yorktown. Now on O.R. faculty at ETH-Zurich.
  7. Jenny Han, ``The k-choosability of a graph,'' 1995. Pursued doctorate in math in Taiwan.
  8. Brian Dalpiaz, ``The assignment problem and three efficient algorithms,'' 1997. Instructor at Western Illinois University.
  9. Keith Morris, ``An analysis of k-sums on N-wheels,'' 2000. Teaching high school locally.
  10. Paul Akers, ``Minimum upper bounds on 2-colored Ramsey numbers,'' 2001. Left to pursue doctoral studies in model theory.
  11. Tracy Tiller McCoy, ``The maximumum size of nonspanning subsets of finite abelian groups,'' 2003. Teaching at Delaware Tech Community College, DE.
  12. Blair Angle, ``Observations on the Flat Antichain Theorem,'' 2003. Completed a doctorate in math at UCSD. Now on research staff at Metron, Inc., in VA.
  13. Peerapong Rattanakusoomp, ``Finding optimal edge-colorings of bipartite multigraphs efficiently,'' 2003. Working with the Thai army.
  14. Julie Emery, ``Properties of the graph labeling problem for the infinite triangular lattice,'' 2005. Taught high school and at Midlands Tech. Now owns and teaches at a dance academy in Charlotte, NC.

Other Student Supervision

  1. Jurgen Stahl, graduate student research collaborator and co-author. Took position at Frankfurt Airport, Germany.
  2. In-Jen Lin, master's thesis in Ramsey-Sperner Theory not complete. Transferred to Illinois and completed Ph.D. with Doug West. Tenured position in computer science at National Ocean University, Taiwan.
  3. Christian Bey, graduate student Fulbright Scholar, 1995--96. Completed Ph.D. with Konrad Engel, University of Rostock, Germany.
  4. Andre Kundgen, master's student who started here in number theory. Transferred to Illinois and completed Ph.D. with Zoltan Furedi. Tenure-track position in mathematics at Cal-State, San Marcos.
  5. Aseem Sood, undergraduate student, part of two meritorious Math Modelling teams at USC. Completed studies at Carnegie-Mellon in AI and Math, then MBA. Working at Google.
  6. Gary Hollis (2011), Cole Franks (2013), and Emily Theus (2014 exp.), undergraduate students in S.C. Honors College, supervised research and honor's theses.
  7. Huei-Ling Lai, Visiting graduate student from National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan), supervised for two months in 2013.