Transition to Advanced Mathematics  -   Math 300.001    -    Spring 2023

Textbook (required):   Mathematical Reasoning. Writing and Proof   by Ted Sundstrom (either Version 3 or Version 2.1)
Version 3: PDF of Book Book Homepage Study Guides Screencasts
The difference between Versions 2.1 and 3 is extremely minimal so either version is fine.
If you want a hard copy of the book, please note that either Version 3 or Version 2.1 will do (but not Version 2).
Version 2.1: PDF of Book
Dated April 13, 2018
Book Homepage We will not be using Version 2.1's Study Guides.. Screencasts are the same as Version 3

Organization:   e.g.: exam dates and office hours
Prof. G's Weekly Schedule
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Semester Calendar
e.g. exam/holiday info, class meeting time/room

LaTex:   LaTeX is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents.
Overleaf Getting Started
with LaTex

prepared by Prof. G.
Latex Lessons
prepared by Prof. G.
Latex Resources Commonly Used LaTex Symbols
licensed by Ted Sundstrom

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Thu. 1/5

Note in the above Useful Links box is a link to our Homework page, where the homework is posted. On the first day of class, one step of a homework is due. There is nothing to hand in but rather just be sure you can do this Step 1, ASAP. If you are having difficultites, please contact me. My contact info is on Blackboard (see left tool bar).
Today you should have reached an email inviting you to join our social media page on Piazza. If you post a note or question on Piazza to me, I will receive an email immediately with your post. So if you are having trouble with Step 1, you can ask me about it on Piazza. In fact, if you post your question to the whole class (rather than just to the Instructor), then other students might also benefit from the answer. :^).

Fri. 12/23

For money saving textbook information, see the above Textbook box. The bookstore did not provide a field for telling students that the author provides a free PDF on the web and that either of two versions is fine.