Review of First Disclaimer:

The page author cannot recommend this DISCLAIMER highly enough. Its contents are certainly noteworthy. The page author finds the DISCLAIMER and the University's requirement that it be placed on the home page a very interesting pair of contradictions, and he is grateful to be able to cooperate. On the one hand, the University is insisting that the author of the home page say the views and opinions on the page are the author's, and on the other hand, it is telling the author what to put on the home page. The DISCLAIMER claims that the DISCLAIMER, which is part of the contents of the page, has not been approved by the University. If it has not been approved by them and it has not been approved by the home page author, then it is clear that the home page author is including it largely because of its magnificent quality. There are other noteworthy aspects of this DISCLAIMER. It seems to nicely disagree with the policy that requires it. Specifically, the first paragraph of this policy states that the University retains the right to modify the home page. Are the views and opinions here the home page author's as the DISCLAIMER states? Who knows. The home page author is required to sign a form (see Section F of the policy) that acknowledges that University officials have the right to review the web site. But they are at the same time requiring the DISCLAIMER that states the web site has not been reviewed. There are other interesting aspects of the DISCLAIMER, and all in all this reviewer welcomes future additions by the University to his home page (even if its contents are supposed to be "strictly those of the page author").