The Pill Morpheus gave Neo in The Matrix

In the science fiction movie "The Matrix" the main character Neo was living
an ordinary life as a computer programmer but felt that something was not
right, i.e. there was some essential truth he was missing. He was contacted
by a mysterious internet personality Morpheus, who claimed to know `the truth'.
When Neo finally meets Morpheus in person, Morpheus gives him a choice of
two pills: a red pill to learn the real truth and a blue pill to forget he
ever met Morpheus and to go back to his old life before he knew about him.
Neo chose the red pill and seems to have wild and terrible `hallucinations'
which turn out to be true; it was his original life which was the illusion.
I claim that in these limited aspects this movie illustrates facts about the
nature of reality. There is a real truth to which most people in the world are
oblivious, and the stakes are extremely high in regard to which account
of reality we live by. It is hard and inconvenient to accept the real truth,
but ultimately it leads to a better outcome. The following is a personal account
of this truth, and if you are like Neo you will want to click on the red link below,
but be warned: it will not be an easy ride.

The Red Pill: to learn the real truth, that which lies beyond the matrix of deception.
Swallow the Red Pill

The Blue Pill: to go back to life and "reality" as you know it.
Swallow the Blue Pill

The real truth cannot be denied forever; it will show itself in the end.