Online Mathematics Seminars

With the evolving pandemic situation, mathematicians and mathematics-adjacent scholars all over the world are eager to resume collaboration through seminars.  Below you'll find a list of those I've stumbled on so far.  Please email me at cee - oh - oh - pee - ee - ar - at - em - ay - tee - aitch - dot - ess - cee - dot - ee - dee - yoo if you know of another which should be listed here!

META: Online Math Seminar Lists and Lists of Lists and Lists of Lists of Lists...
Name / Link
Math Seminars Dot Org
Dan Isaksen's Math Seminars Lists
Jaume De Dios' Math Seminars List

Math Research-Focused Seminars / Events
Name / Link
UofSC Discrete Math Seminar
Advances in Boolean Function Analysis Lecture Series
Princeton Combinatorics Seminar
Number Theory Web Seminar
Online Logic Seminar
Computability Theory and Applications
“Talk Math With Your Friends”
ETH-Zürich Mittagsseminar
Online Worldwide Seminar on Logic and Semantics

Math Education-Focused Seminars / Events
Name / Link
MIT Electronic Seminar on Math Education
Joyful Math Online Calendar

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