Lab Schedule/Assignments for Calculus II (Math 142), Fall 2008

1 A: The MS Network and Maple 12
B: New User's Tour
Review 141 Maple labs Plot Builder  
2 Review of Calculus I 55 on page 266, 17 on page 437, and 99 on page 441.    
3 Volume By Definite Integral 46 on page 458, 18 on page 464, and 12 on page 508 (do evaluate)   Volumes of Revolution
Volumes by Slicing
4 A: Goblet Design
B: An Example
Project 1
Please Read: What is a Project Report
5 Integration Methods: by Substitution and by Parts
Review Lab 1 to Lab 5 for Quiz 1 next week   Integration by Substitution
Integration by Parts
6 Quiz 1      
7 Integration Methods II: Partial Fractions and Trigonometric Substitutions
Exercises 45 and 46 on page 536; exercises 38 and 39 on page 544.   Trig Substitution
Partial Fractions: General Decomposition
Partial Fractions: Evaluating the Integral
8 Numerical Integration: Simpson's Rule and Newton-Cotes Formulas Exercises 2, 4, and 5 on page 566. Approximate Integrals [C-SV]  
9 Improper Integrals Exercises 62 and 63 on page 579.    
10 Sequences and Series Exercises 21, 39 on pages 634, and 29 on page 642.   SequenceDrill
11 Koch Snowflake and Fractals Project 2
Project Report Guidelines
  Koch Snowflake Construction in Maple
12 Series: Convergence Tests Review Lab 7 to Lab 11 for Quiz 2 next week   SeriesConvergenceTestDrill
13 Quiz 2      
14 Power Series and Taylor/Maclaurin Series End-Of-Course Survey Taylor Approximation [C-SV]  


  • There will be two hour quizzes and each will be distributed at the beginning of the given lab period and collected at the end of the lab period.  You can use the textbook, your notes, the computer, Maple, or any other inanimate source to answer the questions but have to complete it individually. The questions will be related to the concepts and techniques addressed in previous labs.
  • Projects are longer collections of related questions that can be answered with the skills and knowledge learned in the labs and lectures for this course. A project report will generally be due at the beginning of the next lab period. There will be two projects.
  • Tutors, Helps, and Assistants can be accessed from the respective menus on the Maple 12 graphical user interface. The Tutors marked with [PreC] are found under the PreCalculus submenu; those marked with [C-SV] and [C-MV] can be found under the Calculus - Single Variable and Calculus - Multiple Variable submenus, respectively.
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  • If you have any questions, please send e-mail to
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